Empty Pews; Empty People

Pews with empty people have two meanings

Hopefully, these empty people are coming to church to find faith and truth and peace and love and a knowledge of God to put into those empty vessels. And a good church is the place to be for that to happen. But sadly the other is also true–the people in those pews are empty of true faith and love; they are devoid of the peace that comes from knowing God personally. Many are lost in the forms of religion and legalism and are doing the best they can to look like what Christians should be. There needs to be a revival in America and Europe. Too long has the Bible been collecting dust on the coffee table. We have been filling pews without filling our hearts with the truths of God’s word. We have kept God at an arm’s length. Too long have we been content with just looking like Christians.

A quiet hour every day with God, reading one of the many versions of the Bible from front to back, and praying, is the answer to filling pews with empty people.

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