Could anything be worse than contracting the Ebola virus?

The Ebola virus kills around 50% of its victims; could anything be worse? Yes, two things: running from a bullet and running from God. The probability of surviving either one is–zero. Running from God is equivalent to an Ebola patient running from the best hospital’s best doctor, or a cancer patient refusing to listen to his/her oncologist. What chance do you have if you refuse the only medicine capable of making you well? Running from a doctor when you are sick does not make any sense, and neither does running from God.

Why do we run?

I can understand why we run from some doctors–doctors make mistakes. Even the best can’t guarantee the outcome of every surgery; they can’t promise you they can beat your cancer or cure your diabetes. But that’s not true with God. He can heal every one of us; He can cure all our infirmities. But the problem is we don’t come for help, because we don’t trust Him either. We don’t come, because we have heard He is scary and doesn’t really care. And nothing could be further from the truth.

Jesus came to this sin-sick planet to show that God could be trusted, that He wasn’t like what He had been falsely accused of. Jesus came and healed entire villages, showing He had the power to heal all of our diseases. He raised Lazarus showing He could conquer death, revealing that God was a healer and not a destroyer and was someone you could trust. By raising Lazarus, Jesus showed He can raise you and me from the grave as well.

Consider Jesus’s statement, “If you have seen me you have seen the Father,” so, trust Him! Believe that God is just like what Jesus demonstrated, and the probability of survival is–100%

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