Coronavirus vs Sin

Neither can be seen directly

The microscopic world is so mysterious. We can’t see it with our eyes, but we know it’s there because we can see the results. Take atoms for instance. We can’t see them with our eyes; we can’t even see them with optical microscopes, and if we try hard enough and split them apart in, say, the Hadron collider, we only see evidence of particles in statistical calculations. Now consider the Corona-19 Virus. To the naked eye and optical microscope, it’s invisible, but its results are obvious.

And sin is mysterious. Where does it come from? What is it made of? We can’t see sin within a person even with a microscope. We don’t even know where to look in the brain if we were to look–possibly the frontal lobe? But we can clearly see the results.

Both are deadly cripplers of our race

As of this writing, worldwide, there have been 219-million covid cases and 4.6-million deaths. In the US, there have been 2,842,496 hospitalizations and over 900,000 deaths.

What are the consequences of sin? How would we calculate that number? We might add 6-11 million deaths for the holocaust and add 2-million more for Cambodia’s Pol Pot genocide, but where would we stop? How many wars have there been throughout the ages; how many men, women, and children have died from wounds, starvation, and disease caused by someone’s over-reaching pride and arrogance? What are the consequences of mankind’s basic selfishness, unrestrained egos, and pride? Sin accounts for many more deaths on planet earth than Covid-19.

If we tunnel in to analyze the origin of sin, like a tunneling electron microscope looking at a virus’ structure, we find that our need for self-preservation and selfishness is the result of believing a lie, actually many lies about God. Our heavenly Father has been accused of not caring for you and me, his family, and we believe it. He has been accused of lying, holding us back, and worse yet, actually waiting for us to mess up so he can punish us. What a horrible distortion.

The truth is, God has demonstrated that he does care, he does love you and me, he is big enough to take care of each of us, so we don’t need to live in the survival of the fittest world all around us. Knowing God is for us and not against us, brings peace of mind. Everything will work out in the end. Give God another chance. If you are not convinced God loves you, read my book, Why did Jesus have to die? You will be glad you did!

God Bless

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